sounds for the post​-​peak oil - episode 11

by crustacés tapes

episode 11 29:59


sounds for the post-peak oil is an irregular bi-yearly series produced for the webradio Radio On

two songs from a 1989 japanese musical double cassette, received from Osaka;
a studio experiment involving rotation and amplified paper strips;
an in situ sound installation by Nicolas Dion featuring field recordings of a cookie factory, in front of a cookie factory;
two tape loops received from Portland, Oregon;
The Letter by J.C. Mills, an experiment in gradual dissapeareance through duplication, received from Chicago;
a lightbulb, a cocktail fork and others colliding at slow speed with nails;
Astero by Nadir, received from Stockholm;
Violence as Sport, by T.D., received from Philadelphia.


released September 12, 2016




crustacés tapes Montréal, Québec

crustacés tapes is a postal sound distribution project
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crustacés tapes est un projet de distribution sonore postale
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montréal, qc canada H3K 1T1
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